Worsbrough Mill

The first record of a mill at Worsbrough was in the Domesday Book of 1086. The exact location of the mill on the River Dove is unknown. This early mill was a soke mill in the manor of Worsbrough. Milling soke was a right of the lord of the manor, giving him sole power to build a corn mill, which all his tenants had to use.
The miller ground all the corn on the manor and was paid via a toll, which was one sixteenth part of the volume of the grain brought to the mill.

The oldest part of the mill that is still here dates from about 1625 and forms the two storey stone building known as the Old Mill, which houses the waterwheel. Before the mill house was built in the mid-18th century the miller and his family would have lived in the mill itself. There are large fire places on both the ground and first floors. The lintel over the fire place on the first floor is inscribed with several dates and initials of the millers.